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Most Likely to Succeed

Autoři: Dintersmith Ted; Wagner Tony

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Kategorie: Ostatní
Položka byla vyprodána…

Today more than ever, we prize academic achievement, pressuring our children to get into the "right" colleges, have the highest GPAs, and pursue advanced degrees. But while students may graduate with credentials, by and large they lack the competencies needed to be thoughtful, engaged citizens and to get good jobs in our rapidly evolving economy. Our school system was engineered a century ago to produce a workforce for a world that no longer exists. Alarmingly, our methods of schooling crush the creativity and initiative young people really need to thrive in the twenty-first century.


Jazyk: angličtina
Nakladatelství: Simon & Schuster US, 2017
ISBN13 (EAN): 9781501104329

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